Baseus 4 in 1 USB HUB

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Baseus 4 in 1 USB HUB

-4 ports expand, the connection is stable and not hot.
-4-port simultaneous output, external mobile hard disk, no stuck, no delay, 5Gbps transmission speed.
-Easily read the mobile hard disk, micro power supply design, plug-in can drive 4TB mobile hard disk.
-Compatible with win 7/8/10 iP and other systems, plug and play.
-Line length: 1m
-Material: ABS + TPE wire
-USB2.0 transmission speed: 480Mbps
-Product input: USB3.0
-Micro 5V power supply: can support 4TB hard drive
-Product output: USB3.0 x 1 + USB 2.0 x 3
-USB3.0 transfer speed: 5Gbps (downward compatible)

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