Baseus Enjoyment Series HDMI Male to HDMI 4K HDMI Cable - 0.5M

Part #:18103-T820

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Baseus Enjoyment Series HDMI Male to HDMI 4K HDMI Cable

RESOLUTIONS - This HDMI Cable Support 3D, 4K, resolution of 3840x2160. Support 32 audio channels, 1536KHz sampling rate, enjoy fantastic audio effect. 4K@60Hz resolution, widescreen ratio of 21:9, life like and fine picture quality.

ALUMINIUM CONNECTORS - This Cable has Zinc alloy connectors which have Anti-Rust properties and Low Impedance. This ensures the plug is Long-Lasting, Durable and Protects against Deformation

3D SUPPORT - Enhance your visual experience with 3D enabled media with this HDMI Cable

4K SUPPORT - This Cable Supports resolutions up to 4k x 2k for crisp and clear images.

ENDURABLE WIRE - The combination of quality materials makes this Cable Strong and Durable with its Nylon Braided Exterior preventing the cable from winding and twisting

MALE TO MALE - This is HDMI Male to HDMI Male Audio Video Connector Adapter HDMI Cable.

COMPATIBLE - This Cable is compatible with HDTV, Home Theatre, DVD player, projector, For PS3, For XBOX360 and other HDMI devices.

VERSION - This Cable supports HDMI versions 2.0, 1.4 and v1.3.

LENGHT - This HDMI Cable is 0.5M long

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