CCTV Cable 10M


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10m CCTV Security Camera BNC Video and Power Cable

Using pre made CCTV cables will make the task of installing security cameras easier than ever. There is no need for any tools or materials! Simply run your pre made CCTV cables and plug both ends to your security cameras, DVR, and power supply. This pre made CCTV cable has pre-terminated high quality connectors.

The BNC connector on this cable is a premium compression connector that is designed to give you a long lasting high quality connection. The female power connector on this cable is designed to plug directly into the male power connectors located on security cameras and the power transformers.

Both DIY and professional installers use it. This high quality Security Camera Cable is just what you need.


* Heavy duty cable with improved quality for video and power
* Pre-made video and power connectors
* Easy connection from a CCTV/Surveillance Camera to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Power Supply
* Simplify installation by using a single cable for both power and video
* Low interference and low noise for good quality
* Plug and Play ready
* Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
* All-in-one video and power cable
* Interface Type: BNC Male to Male, DC Female to Male (2.1mm x 5.5mm)
* Cable Length: 10m
* Colour: Black