Importance of gaming accessories
Now you must be thinking, why can't you play online games using a simple mouse, laptop/desktop screen, and a keyboard that you usually use for your work. Well, the answer is Yes, you can 100% play online games using orthodox computer accessories, but when it comes to the gaming world, the purpose of playing online games is to gain ultimate pleasure, which cannot be achieved with stereotypical computer accessories.
The reason behind this is the gaming accessories are ergonomically designed, keeping in mind the special features. Additionally, accessories designed specifically for gaming purposes have the options of customization, where you can customize the fun features such as neon lighting to match the fast-paced ambience and real-life feel of the game.
Here are a few high-tech imperceptible gaming accessories that all gamers would dream of having in their gaming set-up:

1-Gaming headset
If you have set a commitment with your friends to join an online game at a specific time and multiple players are joining you to beat the heat, you would definitely need a fine-quality gaming headset.

At you will find a wide variety of gaming headsets, including over-the-ear headsets with extra-comfortable ear cups to give the players a high level of comfort while having long, back-breaking hours of play. Most of the headsets have adjustable steel poles to adjust the size of the headset according to the comfort of your head. Make sure that the steel used in the band must be of durable quality because this would define the life of your expensive headset.

While buying a gaming headset, always ensure that it should have the best quality stereo sound surround sound of simulation 7.1. These features would make you able to hear the sounds of your enemies' footsteps, and you will get an idea of the exact directions of where they are coming from.

Microphone quality in a headset must also be kept in mind because while communicating with your fellow players. Your microphone would define the clarity of your sound to them.

Although headsets are the most used gaming accessory, some players do not like to keep something attached to their heads and ears for long hours. Hence, they prefer stereo gaming speakers over gaming headsets. If you are looking for the best quality gaming headsets, you can browse to have various varieties under one roof.

The sizes of speakers vary, but for gaming purposes, medium-sized speakers are preferred that could easily fit onto a bookshelf.

Gaming Speakers consist of a pair of speakers sized approximately 17 inches each. The drivers installed in stereo speakers are base drivers and tweeters. Bass adjusting knobs fit the right side of the speaker.

While playing shooting games, increasing the bass would produce an unimaginably loud voice that the player would feel like shooting in the real world.

Moreover, the option to control volume is built-in to the right side to make it easier for the player adjusting the volume while playing.

3-Keyboard with LED lighting:
Gaming keyboards are specially designed to make them more entertaining while playing, and it also adds up an aura of ambience to the gaming world. Various backlit keyboard varieties are available online as well as in on-site stores. The Speciality of a gaming keyboard is the addition of a cushion on the wrist area to make it comfortable for your wrist. Additionally, the keys have a mecha-membrane feature, and the height of the keys is maintained in such a way to make it faster and softer on your hands.

The wrist rest and mecha membrane features make it highly practical and comfortable for your hands while playing long hours of games.

However, if the wrist cushion is creating a hindrance in your keyboard area, it has a detachable feature, and you can easily add or remove it as and when required.

Moreover, the backlights of keyboards can be programmed into different colours. Each key is specially designed to program separate colours, and you can choose colours of your choice, making it a rainbow theme or a solid colour theme matching the LED lights of your gaming console.

The most interesting feature about this keyboard is that you can even change the colours while playing your game since it has a built-in variety of 17 million different colours.

4-Gaming Mouse:
At Cellmart New Zealand, you will find highly interactive gaming Mouse varieties to match your gaming console, monitor, and keyboard amazingly. The gaming mouse is designed with highly sensitive precision of pinpoints. Normally, it has an optical precision of approximately 25,600 DPI to sensor the movements of your mouse with high accuracy. The movements are further advanced with spring mechanics to make sure that it recognizes the clicks with a fast pace and high accuracy.

While purchasing your gaming mouse, the key tip is to count the buttons on the mouse which are used for programming. The mouse buttons would define the number of profiles you can configure with it in your gaming set-ups. An ideal gaming mouse contains 11 to 12 sensor buttons that would allow you to configure different settings, and you can easily switch to your desired setting while playing your game.

The outer design is also highly important. Famous high-tech brands take great care of mouse shape and physical design to make it comfortable to use. Physical Features such as the resting area for the thumb and rubber pads on the sides will make it comfortable to grab it for longer.

5-Gaming Controller:
Apart from a mouse and keyboard, a gaming controller is a device like your TV remote control, with the help of which you can manage all the virtual features of your game more precisely and professionally. It is observed that players using gaming controllers while playing have more frequency of beating the competitors.

The layout of the controller is built in such a way that it fits both hands very easily and is lightweight to hold. There are two moveable sticks, each on one corner near your thumb area, with which you can control the left, right, up, down, forward, backward, and other movements of your character. Four buttons will be designated at the face of the controller for various programming functions. Apart from these, a touchpad is also included to configure directions.

This controller can be easily connected to your laptop/desktop computer or gaming console with a Bluetooth connection. The wireless feature allows you to enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience by focusing only on your game.

While buying this device from any online store or from Cellmart, carefully read all the specifications mentioned above, and most importantly, the battery life should be more than 30 hours long. Rechargeable battery plugs are available everywhere, and you can easily charge your AA batteries with the help of rechargers.

6-High Tech Webcam
Although nowadays, a webcam is a built-in feature in most computers and laptops. However, if you are a regular gaming person, YouTuber, or social media freak, a portable webcam is a must-have. The built-in webcam would allow only one position cam, whereas a portable webcam you can fix on the lid of your laptop. You can adjust the lid up or down to fit the best angle of your video, and it is moveable in 360 dimensions to help you adjust the video accordingly.
A gaming webcam has an internal mic feature, but you can also add up a microphone for the best sound quality.

7-Smart LED Lighting with customization option:
Smart LED lighting strips are available at highly reasonable prices. Although this is not a must-have item in your gaming set-up, this tiny addition would give an artistic aura to your room, and the feel of changing colours with sound effects would take you to another world. The light strings have the ability to change 15.8 million hues, which can be programmed to automatically change the colours as per your desired settings.

You can attach the strings all-around your monitor, sides of your desktop, or anywhere you like.

Frequently asked questions

1-How important are gaming accessories to be the top competitor?
To be honest, one can be a professional player just with consistent practice and passion. However, gaming accessories would make it much more fun and comfortable to play for back-breaking long hours. Also, some accessories, such as gaming chairs, are built in a way not to affect your health while contemplating your passion.

2-What are the most used gaming accessories:
Below are some widely used gaming accessories:

  • Gaming Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Controller
  • headphones

Since the beginning of 2022, gaming has become more of a passion than a need, and gamers usually spend a lot of money buying their favourite and latest gaming accessories. The idea is to do proper research on the product specifications, pros, and cons while choosing the best gaming accessory from the market.

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