Magnetizer / Demagnetizer JAKEMY X3 with Screwdriver Holes
JAKEMY X3 Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Screwdrivers It's the perfect addition to any toolkit - with its lightweight and compact design, this device is simple and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for professional technicians and avid DIYers alike....
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Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Screwdriver
• Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Screwdriver• Magnetize or demagnetize screwdriver tips and small parts immediately• Suitable for metal parts that diameter is 1.3 - 7mm• Built-in C8 industrial-grade magnetic field producer, with ABS shell, durable and not easy to break• Easier...
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BEST 6 in 1 Mobile Phone Dismantling Screwdriver Tool Kit
BEST 6 in 1 Mobile Phone Dismantling Screwdriver Tool • Light and portable• Aviation aluminium handle, refined steel 3D batch head, seamless fitting, strong magnetic absorption• One eye recognition of cutter head• Mute bearing, integrated and firm batch head, avoid...
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