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Importance of high-quality wireless speakers:

Portable wireless speakers are in high demand because of their compact size and immense benefits. The main advantage is the easy-to-carry size and weight, making it very handy to install and play anywhere you want. Using its Bluetooth and wireless feature, you can share the music from your personal device and play your favourite music anywhere, anytime.
Basically, a wireless speaker system is used for the purpose of listening to music, but users can also benefit from them for the purpose of listening to FM Radio. The latest versions enhance the features, allowing the users to play music, on-air radio, alarm, clock, voice recordings, and many more.
The small size and wireless feature would help you to use it on picnics, camping, outdoor barbeque, or any outdoor activity without worrying about the hassle of cables and batteries.

2-Long battery life:
Usually, the wireless speakers have a built-in long battery life to serve the purpose of social entertainment. Sometimes, parties long for 6-12 hours or even more, and the hassle of recharging would annoy you while using the old & orthodox versions. The latest Bluetooth wireless speakers from well-known brands like Sony, JBL & HP would have a long battery life of more than 24 hours.

3-High quality of sound:
Don’t go for the small size of these speakers. The sound quality is a full package. The sound quality is of a concert level. For example, the speakers from the brand Bose can sound much louder than the conventional computer speakers. These are the best wireless speakers for home as you can listen to your favourite podcast from anywhere in your home. 

Types & varieties of wireless speakers:

There are two main types of wireless speakers:
a- WiFi
b- Bluetooth

The most preferred quality the user would look forward to when it comes to music is the portability & sound quality. You may find the portability in both WiFi & Bluetooth versions, but the sound quality would vary immensely. Both WiFi & Bluetooth speakers would offer easy-to-install hassle-free installation connections, but the choice depends upon the usage requirement.

For example, if you want to use your speakers inside your house for a dance party, we advise you to buy WiFi speakers for speedy internet signals, and you can have unlimited access to your favourite songs. When it comes to the pricing, you can have a wide range starting from $20 to $ 250 and so on. The quality would vary as per the price, so be careful while choosing the best fit for you.

Water-resistant speakers are also available, ideally fit to take with you on a beach party or a pool party. Similarly, if the party is inside your big house and you want every corner to be immersed in music, then a multi-room system would serve the purpose.

You must be extremely mindful of your requirements and knowledgeable of the available versions in the market while buying the wireless speaker.

Comparison of WiFi & Wireless Speakers:
As you all know that the WiFi speakers have connectivity with your home/office WiFi, so they require an active internet connection to work. The Bluetooth speakers can be very easily connected to any of your personal devices like a laptop, mobile, or desktop computer, enhancing the portability and battery power. Some of the latest models are now offering both connectivity options.

Below are some of the pros & cons of using Bluetooth speakers, WiFi Speaker

Widely used portable speakers where connectivity is developed with laptop/mobile via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth speakers tend to be less pricey as compared to other WiFi & wireless speakers and have the option of connectivity to variable devices, including the IOS system of Apple & Windows system of Android. Also, you can easily connect your Bluetooth speaker to your car while the WiFi speaker does not have this facility.

The connectivity range is lesser than the WiFi device. The maximum range offered in most Bluetooth devices is approximately 33 feet. The limited range is a drawback in Bluetooth speakers causing the overall rating to decrease.

Having the facility of connectivity within the extended range of your robust network, Wi-FI speakers are the demand of the time. The network is quite stable and stronger than the Bluetooth speakers.

WiFi connectivity offers you to have multiple device connections at the same time. You can connect as many speakers as you want with a single WiFi connection without any interruption. The connectivity speed is quite faster and has zero interruption if your WiFi is stable and of good network quality. The range is extremely impressive. You can connect your speaker to the WiFi from 200 feet without any distortion.

This feature makes it extremely handy & easy to use. That is the reason most people prefer WiFi speakers over Bluetooth ones.

Since multiple users can connect to a single WiFi connection, this might limit the bandwidth. Also, the volume of user traffic is on the network, multiple people surfing the websites, streaming videos on YouTube, Facebook, daily motion, and other tube sites would make your audio streaming slower and interrupted.

Bluetooth & Wireless speakers:
Advanced technology has now invented speakers having both Bluetooth & Wireless connectivity options. These are the high-rated versions of wireless speakers and best sellers on our online store Cellmart.

The dual technology might be extremely advantageous for some users, but it might not be for others. There are various pros & cons of this device which can be understood considering the below important points:

Having dual technology in a single device is a treat for entertainment freaks because it provides a high level of flexibility in usage. The user can enjoy the music from their strong in-house WiFi connection without any interruption accessing millions of songs/audios available for free on the internet. Similarly, suppose someone wants to listen to some good audio quality outside the comfort of home without having access to a WiFi connection. In that case, the Bluetooth facility can help them develop a fast and easy connection to the wireless speaker with any available device like a mobile, laptop & even an inbuilt car’s Bluetooth.

Conclusively, this dual-tech device is extremely handy to use with various options and features, for example, Alarm clock, timer, Clock, Temperature update, weather update, audio-recording, and of course, music in a vigorous audio quality.

How to set up WiFi, Bluetooth & Dual-tech (both WiFi & Bluetooth) Devices:

1-WiFi Wireless Speaker:
One can very easily connect WiFi speakers by downloading an application on the mobile/ laptop devices, and after following some easy steps, there will be an option to select network ID. After selecting the network ID, the password setup will be required you are good to go. Enjoy your music in your strong in-house connection without any hassle.

2-Bluetooth speakers:

Bluetooth connection is way simpler than anybody can understand. All you have to do is:
a- Switch on the Bluetooth on your mobile/laptop device.
b- Turn on the wireless speaker
c- You will see a message on your device to pair the speaker’s Bluetooth with the speaker.
d- Allow / Accept the pairing.
e- Once the pairing is done, you must accept the connectivity, and your speaker will be connected to the device.  

3-Bluetooth and WiFi Speakers
Connectivity for dual-tech devices where you have both options of Bluetooth and WiFi, you can easily connect with both the options at a time following the above setup individually. Both the connections would be available at a time if required.

Frequently asked questions & conclusion:
Here are some of the queries that the users frequently ask:

1-What is the internal setup of wireless speakers?
In the case of Bluetooth speakers, the information in digital signals is transmitted through radio rays of short-range frequencies. It creates audio signals which are audible to the listeners. The frequency of radiation defines the quality of sound. Normally, the frequency band ranges from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz. However, in the case of WiFi speakers, the frequency of signals is approximately 900 MHz.

2-How do wireless speakers get their power?
Most wireless speakers get their power from AC Adaptors, where the user plugs the Adaptor into an external power source. Some of the speakers also use rechargeable batteries.

3-Is it possible to use a wireless speaker with a computer?
Yes, you can use any wireless speaker with your computer. All you have to do is to connect the computer’s Bluetooth connection with the speaker and make sure that the speaker should be within range of your computer.

Considering the above facts where we have discussed the various varieties of wireless speakers available in the market, we can provide you all with a single click at our store in Newzealand. By knowing their setup procedures and pros & cons, one can easily conclude that wireless speakers are the need of everyone in this modern era. Not only for listening to audios & music but also for many advantageous reasons. You can have a wireless speaker for tv, wireless outdoor speakers, wireless speakers for your computers, or any other gadgets or devices.

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