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Huawei P20 Case Made With PU Leather and TPU - Gold
Secure your Huawei P20 with the DUX DUCIS Skin case, featuring anti-drop protection, magnetic closure, shock absorption, heat dissipation, and convenient card/cash slots. Benefit from reliable protection and stylish design. The Case is made with High-Quality PU Leather + TPU...
$15.99 $10.95
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Huawei P10 Case Made With PU Leather and TPU - Brown
Ensure lasting protection for your Huawei P10 with this classic PU leather and TPU case. With its anti-drop, shock-absorbing, and heat-dissipating qualities, it provides unparalleled protection for your device. The convenient card and cash slots make it both stylish and...
$24.99 $15.95
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Huawei P10 Case Made With PU Leather and TPU - Gold
Invest in the DUX DUCIS Skin case for your Huawei P10, which offers anti-drop protection, magnetic closure, shock absorption, heat dissipation, and convenient card/cash slots. Enjoy secure protection and a sleek design. The Case is made with High-Quality PU Leather...
$21.99 $14.95

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Huawei Y7 Pro 2019 Case Made With PU Leather + TPU - Gold
The DUX DUCIS Skin Pro Huawei Y7 Pro 2019 Case is a reliable protection solution, featuring anti-drop tech, magnetic latch, shock absorption, heat dispersal, and easy-access card/cash slots. Enjoy superior protection and sophisticated style. The Case is made with High-Quality...
$21.99 $14.95

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Significance of a phone case: necessary or not?
Day after day, as smartphones become accessible, we subject them to more dangers, from the environment to plain old mishaps. That's why phone cases tend to protect against various impacts by covering the front, back, and corners. Also, most will shield your phone from moisture. Other cases are merely decorative items. If you ask us, we suggest people who are clumsy protect their Huawei phones with the best Huawei cases. In comparison, it is not necessary for someone who doesn't hang around with their phones much. 

Various Types of Huawei Phone Cases
Since phones are an essential part of life and are more than merely a technology wonder, we must adorn and maintain them. Youngsters are known for shattering mobile phones very often. Even if you have a Huawei p40 pro case, a Huawei y7 case, or perhaps a Huawei nova 3i case, you will still have a wide range of possibilities. But your selections will be confined after that.

Envision your colleagues' amazement and excitement once they hear you didn't possess a new Huawei phone but rather a new Huawei case. To experience that feeling, read out these various mobile cases to see the one that best suits you. 

  • Hard Phone Case: These phone cases are built with a solid shell-shaped basis that attaches to the phone. These are shaped primarily for a particular phone model. They tend to be small and compact, providing little bulk to the phone's structure. Hard phone cases are frequently available in clear and consistent materials. Also, you can get Huawei mate book d hard case or other hard cases in different colours, matte, and glossy textures. 
  • TPU and Gel phone cases: TPU is a plastic-based technology with flexibility, lightness, and strong opposition to grease and water. Gel phone cases are often sleek and lighter, with an array of shades and a glossy or matte appearance.
  • Silicone Phone Cases: Most current silicone phone cases are formed of 'liquid silicone.' Liquid silicone is significantly more rigid than classic soft silicone. Also, its flexibility is equivalent to one of gel phone cases. These kinds, such as the Huawei mate 20 pro silicone case, have a matte surface, are lightweight, and can repel fingerprints and dirt.
  • Tough Phone Cases: Such cases offer a variety of designs, and the term "tough" is debatable since it relies on the preference of toughness you want in your phone case. It is to be noted that the Huawei P30 tough cases or other tough cases are generally thicker and heavier compared to gel and regular hard phone cases.
  • Wallet Phone Cases: This is a typical genre with the dual function of a phone case and a wallet. They're often composed of primarily PU (polyurethane) leather. However, the wallet cases also are obtained in genuine leather. Typically, the phone's wallet compartment, like the wallet phone case Huawei P30 Pro NZ or Huawei p20 pro case wallet NZ may hold 1-4 credit/ debit card-sized cards. 
  • Leather Phone Cases: These're identical to some silicone, gel, and hard cases in terms of weight and basic components. But, they're constructed of leather, either genuine or PU leather. These phone cases are available in various colours and are a popular choice. You may get Huawei p20 pro leather flip case, Huawei nova 3i leather case NZ, and many others in our store.
  • Flip phone cases: Such phone cases are similar to wallet phone cases. You must have seen simple flip cases lacking wallet features or flip wallet cases. They usually are made with an inner shell made of polycarbonate. You can get various colours, be it a Huawei p20 lite flip case blue or a Huawei p30 pro pink case.
  • Skin cases: Phone Skins made of vinyl, with a glossy or matte texture and various colours. They are basic, cost-effective, and can be highly attractive. In case you're wondering, what other mobile phone case would fit the Huawei p8 lite, or what cases fit a Huawei nova 2i? The Skin cases are your answer. 

How to choose Huawei cases in New Zealand:
It is widespread for people to visit repair shops with shattered glass screens or broken phones. In my experience, the strength of most strikes on the phone is more towards the edges, thus causing cracking there. In this regard, one must have phone cases for Huawei phones. Indeed, you might not want to invest heavily in a phone to have it smashed due to the absence of protection. Whether it is the case Huawei p30 pro, Huawei y6 case, or Huawei nova 2 lite case, you shouldn't hesitate to buy one. But how would you pick the best Huawei cover case for your phone? If you've not chosen what features you want, browsing for relevant cases can be confusing. Our reputable store suggests you go through the following considerations:

  • Acknowledge the protection it provides: A case must be strong to secure your phone, despite its design or characteristics. Be it a Huawei p30 pro case or Huawei nova 5t case. The best cases are those made of impact-resistant components.
  • Check the Thickness: The best cases are comfortable and easy to carry. However, slimmer cases would not provide enough protection compared to thicker cases. Based on your preference, you can try Huawei y5 2019 case NZ, Huawei y9 prime case, or any other case to compare which feels perfect. 
  • Remember Your Grip: What is the feel of a case in your palms? A smooth, comfortable grip with no points or corners is the best. A solid grip makes it simpler to handle your smartphone, particularly when photographing. Whether you want a Huawei p9 case, a Huawei t5 case, or a Huawei y9 case, remember to hold it in your palm to check the grip first.
  • Carefully consider Style: There are cases for all of us, whether you desire something classy like the Huawei p20 pro designer case or something with a striking colour like a luxury full-body protective magnetic case for the Huawei p30 pro. To avoid adding thickness to your phone, the case must not be bigger than the mobile alone. Day after day, different models are launched by case producers, giving you additional possibilities. So, select wisely.
  • Think About Your Budget: Together with your own choices, your budget range has to be a determining consideration when deciding on a phone case. A budget is essential regardless of the case you're going for. If you believe you won't be keeping a case for at least a few months, you shouldn't invest in it so much. You can select the "Price, low to high" in the sort by the option to see the lowest-priced Huawei phone cases in our store.
  • Consider the Extras: Numerous case functions are capable of satisfying the particular requirements of any phone. Relying on your interests, all case style provides multiple features.

Back covers featuring designed kickstands are shown in certain cases, allowing you to raise your phone up while watching the video. Such cases have textured areas to make it even easier to grasp on your phone.

Several cases are moisture or waterproof, such as Huawei p30 pro waterproof case NZ, and Huawei p9 lite waterproof case, making them suitable for folks who take mobile phones to the local swimming pool. 

Likewise, whenever your phone is positioned down on the floor, covers with a designed screen protector offer protection from damage.

Placing an order for Huawei cases in New Zealand: 
To begin, ascertain the model number of the mobile you own. You can go to the "Huawei cases" section to find and explore various phone cases. 

Please inform us as fast as possible if you selected the incorrect model, shade, type, or serial. Although our goods depart rapidly, if you find us in advance, we'll gladly change your order. 

Payment method on CellMart:
All major credit cards, as well as Humm, Klarna, Genopay, Paypal, Afterpay, and Poli, are accepted at CellMart. 
Any non-rural address in New Zealand receives free shipping from our website. Shipping might cost $3.99 only if you are situated in a rural region.

Frequently asked questions: 

  • Is the casing made of polycarbonate soft or hard? 
    Polycarbonate is a generic term for plastic. So, to answer the question, polycarbonate phone cases are tough.
  • Can cases cause phones to heat up?
    Phone cases generally aren't the reason behind overheating of a phone.  
  • Are screen protectors consisting of tempered glass a good investment?
    Tempered glass screen protectors may prevent your screen from shattering, guard it against scratching, and reduce fingerprint stains. So, whenever necessary, we advocate using them.
  • Can I use a bumper case on my Huawei phone?
    Yes. Bumper cases are transparent cases that help you to show the elegance of your phone's back. You can buy Huawei nova 3e clear case, Huawei nova 3i case clear, Huawei y6 clear case, and many other clear cases on cellmart.
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