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Ear Hooks for AirPods Pro / 2 / 1 Anti-lost Silicone
Anti-lost Silicone Earphone Ear hooks for AirPods Pro / 2 / 1 Used to hang the earphone on the ear to prevent the earphone from falling and reduce the discomfort of wearing the earphone for a long time Silicone material,...

How does the Noise cancellation feature work?
This is a built-in feature in AirPods pro where the headphones automatically detect and fit into the shape of the internal ear, cancelling the outer sounds. However, a microphone is installed in the outward direction, which detects the noises from the outside and the sensor automatically blocks the outside noise.

Airpods Pro cases:
The manufacturer of air pods pro supplies the air pods with a genuine case which is a beautifully skeel white coloured case used for charging and safety of the air pods pro. The genuine case is quite a strong case and can't be easily damaged. Still, it is recommended to have an additional protective case to protect the original one from scratches and any damage because the replacement would be very expensive.

Various materials and designs are available in the market for AirPods Pro cases. A lot of expensive brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have also introduced cute and beautiful AirPods Pro covers in various materials, including leather, silicone, plastic, and many more.

However, the original leather & silicon AirPods Pro cases are the bestsellers from Gucci & Louis Vuitton, but the prices are very high. Therefore, high-quality replicas are now available everywhere, and one can very easily access the cost-effective AirPod pro cases from CellMart.NZ

AirPods Pro charging case replacement:
Apart from the protective covers, if the original case is damaged, Cellmart New Zealand also offers replacement cases for AirPods charging at reasonable rates.

Types of AirPods Pro cases:
Cellmart offers you a huge range of AirPods Pro cases in various materials and cute designs at reasonable rates.

Let's have a look into what we are offering:

1-Leather AirPods Pro case:
Our high-quality leather AirPods Pro cases would provide extreme protection and refined touch in an enduring layout. Genuine leather material would allow the AirPods cover to age gorgeously, giving a unique antique look the older it gets.
The convenience of a metallic pin would allow you to enjoy the liberty of a hands-free facility which can be portable and attached to your day-to-day bag or buckle.

2-Hard-plastic Box covers for AirPods Pro:
Our hard plastic AirPods cases, available in beautiful solid colours, would be an add-on for your AirPods, enhancing durability, elegance, and trouble-free grip. You can easily slide your AirPods pro into these plastic covers for installation without having any scratches on the original AirPods. The damage protection is 100%, and charging is extremely comfortable as you are charging with the original case.
Available in solid colours and transparent as well.

3-Waterproof Silicone cases for AirPods Pro:
This is one of the bestseller versions of AirPods Pro cases. The soft and foldable material silicone would allow you to cover your AirPods without any extra effort, and the soft material is anti-slip, giving a very nice grip. Silicone is said to be a very durable and trustworthy material when it comes to damage from dropping or falling. However, it might look thin and not so protective, yet, the reviews are marvellous. Silicone cases are commonly said to be drop-resistant cases.
The designs and colours made by the manufacturers are just out of the world. Anybody passing by a mobile accessories shop would not resist buying these cute, durable, soft to the touch, and exceptionally designed AirPods Pro cases.

4-Hard-plastic case with woollen fabric covering for AirPods Pro:
Another unique and beautiful AirPods case that safeguards your AirPods from damage and water, comes in a distinctive material. The case is made with hard plastic, and plastic is further wrapped with a fine quality woollen fabric.
The woollen fabric would add up extra grip and style to your AirPods Pro. This handcrafted, and lightweight material is a beautiful blend of dust, water, and shock resistance, plus it adds an ingredient of elegance and sophistication whilst shielding your AirPods.

5-Lock-up and keychain AirPods Pro cases:
To ensure ultimate protection and a loss-proof facility, some of the sellers are also selling AirPods Pro cases with a lock-up facility, providing military-level protection. The edges of this cover are designed especially for 100% shockproof and durable.
The material used in these kinds of AirPods covers is Thermoplastic resin polyurethane, which lasts very long.
Adding the locking feature ensures that the AirPods inside the case would never fall down, even if the case is dropped from a certain height.
An LED light is another plus point that turns on automatically when the charging switch is plugged in, indicating the sign of charging, which otherwise is not available in any other AirPods Pro cases.

6-Floral thermoplastic AirPods Pro cases for girls:
Apart from the tough and military-level protection cases, various cute and girlish varieties are designed specifically for girls with cute floral and colourful designs.

What do we offer at Cellmart?
Our bestseller AirPods Pro case at Cellmart is a pouch-like case with magnetic closure. The material is soft PU Leather available in blue, black, and red colours.

Installation: You can easily install your AirPods Pro in this case by simply opening the magnetic lid and sliding in your AirPods smoothly.

This exclusive design is designed especially for the ones who do not want the hassle of shard plastic box cases where they find it difficult to install the case in AirPods Pro.
The holes are precisely designed for all the uses like charging, lid opening and reset button.
A magnetic button built inside the lid would strongly close the lid, avoiding damage from falling.
Edges of these PU Leather AirPods Pro cases are incredibly finished with oil detailing.
 Available for AirPods Pro generation 1 and AirPods Pro generation 2 in different colours.

Pros and Cons:
The advantages and disadvantages would always go side by side for every product.
Below are a few important pros and cons that would help you while buying the one for you:


1- Making the edges very grippy, protecting the AirPods to fall
2- Protection from scratches.
3- Highly compatible with charging
4- Silicone Soft to touch, enhancing the grip.
5- Waterproof and fall-proof
6- Durable and good seeing
7- Protection from dust.
8- Metallic-clip for annoyance-free usage.
9- Handy & Lightweight
10- Easy to Install
11- Protection from water, dust, and scratches
12- Fabric wrapping adds up extra gripping, hence protecting from fall.


1- Some of the hard plastic cases could cause scratches on the shiny white AirPods Pro genuine case while sliding in and out.
2- The reset button is not visible in some cases, and every time resetting, users have to go through the hassle of removing the cover and then installing again.
3- Few expensive covers would make your AirPods extremely expensive, being itself a high-priced Bluetooth earphone device.
4- Some cheap covers would not fit properly.

Frequently asked questions:

1-Is it necessary to cover the AirPods Pro with an additional case?
It depends upon the usage. How frequently you are using your AirPods Pro and what kind of person you are when it comes to taking care of your necessities.
Some people take care of their belongings and use them very carefully. If that is the case, your AirPods Pro may have a long life even without a cover.
Since this is an expensive and elegant device, it is advised to have your AirPods covered with good-quality cases.
The original case is slippery to touch and has the possibility of easily getting scratches. Especially if you travel a lot and constantly go in and out carrying your AirPods Pro along with you, you should invest a little in AirPods Pro cases for protection and comfort.

2-How can I save my AirPods from fall-off from the case?
Well, it varies from person to person. If you are rough in handling your gadgets, then you must buy some easy gripping and protective-lid enclosure type of AirPods case to prevent your AirPods from falling off the case. While wearing the AirPods, just make sure to fit them properly in your ears so that you won't have to worry about them falling.

3-Ways of choosing the best AirPods Pro case?
The buying guideline would vary from person to person according to the usage. For example, a teenage girl who wants her AirPods to be beautifully decorated and stylish should opt for a plastic or aluminium case with floral prints and an elegant design. Also, she doesn't have to worry about the buckle since she won't be travelling a lot like a working lady or a businesswoman. On the other hand, a businessperson who is constantly travelling would prefer to buy a sleek, decent, and lightweight cover to have maximum comfort and practicality.

AirPods Pro has become a need of time for almost all kinds of individuals. Starting from teenage kids to highly successful and experienced businessmen, this device would meet the requirements of each person accordingly. Being an expensive item, it's advisable to always have them covered in protective cases. The choice of AirPods pro-cover would greatly vary according to age, gender, usage requirements, and cost-effectiveness. However, you will find the best and most affordable varieties of AirPods Pro cases and other mobiles and electronic accessories at

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